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Hi, I'm Justin.


I spent my entire life in the fitness industry trying to become the healthiest, most athletic version of myself. But I always found myself confronted with pain whether that was my back, a knee, a shoulder, etc.  --- This led me to pursue a degree in exercise science and a ton of certifications to become a leading personal trainer with a major fitness chain. Even though I had so much more control over these pains, they were always still lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to pop up again.  My life was a roller coaster of feeling invincible in the gym to lying on my back on the floor for weeks because I would throw it out. 


I also realized just how many people both inside and outside of the health and fitness industry were dealing with the same chronic aches, pains, and injuries I was. With all of my education and experience, I still wasn’t able to find a long term solution to these issues.


I tried every alternative method — chiropractors, physical therapy, massage, yoga, and so many more — and while some helped in the short term, nothing seemed to fix things in the long term.  Finally, in my mid 20's I suffered a severe back injury, herniating a few discs in my lower back. I was told that either the same types of physical therapy, or medical intervention like surgery and injection therapy were the only solutions. 


I couldn’t understand …I was supposed to be a highly educated fitness professional. I began to question everything I learned in a decade in this industry. So I spent years looking for every alternative perspective, research, and method that I could find for new answers. 


I realized through these findings that other perspectives do exist, and by truly changing my approach I finally was able to get myself out of the cycle of chronic pain and injury with only one thing - movement. No pills, no alternate therapies, and no medical procedures. 


Today, I’ve developed and use a completely new approach to movement and functional health to help people get out pain and prevent injury from happening the same way I did,  so they can truly live their life without fear and limitation.

My goal is to give you the tools you need to free yourself from chronic pain for good.

Some of my clients call me "the magician," but there's no magic involved in the SOM approach. I'm simply showing you a different way of looking at your body, and guiding you through the process to get it back to its optimal alignment. There are no fancy tricks, tools, or gimmicks -- all it takes is a little bit of time, dedication, and a desire to be the healthiest version of yourself. You already have everything you need to get there, you just need someone to show you the way.

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