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Your body is not broken.

 They Can Move With Confidence & Without Limitation

See what our clients are experiencing..

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"I feel better than I have ever felt in my entire life"

David's Life-Changing Transformation

After discovering SOM through a referral from another member who had an incredible experience, he decided to take the leap. Here are just a few of the remarkable results he's achieved:

  • Completely healed and recovered from a major knee injury (without surgery)

  • Eliminated back pain from a separate back injury

  • Feeling stronger and more confident in his athleticism with his jiu jitsu practice than ever before

But that's not all. David's results extended far beyond the physical. After joining the program, these are some things he's said:

  • "I no longer worry about pain or injury because I have the tools to fix myself (but I also don't get injured now)"

  • "I'm more inspired than ever to make movement an integral part of my day rather than an afterthought."

  • "I've learned so much about what my body is capable of doing"

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"I used to be in so much back pain and I literally don't have that anymore."

Maddie's Life-Changing Transformation

We are so glad Maddie discovered SOM Online, and these are some of the highlights from her journey:

  • Reduced back and shoulder pain to nearly zero​

  • Reduced scoliosis by over 9 degrees (naturally)

  • Reduced anxiety about her pain and discomfort, and her scoliosis.

  • Feels more confidence and strength in her movement than ever before

  • Feels more focused sitting at work because she is no longer in constant discomfort


"I've been going to doctors and therapists but nothing has really helped until I found Symmetry Of Motion"

Here's the incredible changes Dion experienced after joining the online program: 

  • Eliminated his chronic sciatica nerve pain,

  • Rewired his limiting beliefs about his condition which translated into soaring self-confidence

  • Gained the knowledge and tools to try new physical activities and exercises with his body, 

  • Started getting back into peak physical shape once his pain was no longer limiting him,

  • Developed a healthier relationship with his body to know when and how far to push himself safely.


Monthly        $149/mo

IOS, Android, Web Platforms

The Painfree Blueprint™

4 phase programs for each region of the body

Posture and Functional Test Guide

Step-by-Step video guidance and instruction

Pain Mindset and Emotional Mastery

Progress, Habits, and Accountability tracking

SOM Community and Support

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Annual Discount     $125/mo

IOS, Android, Web Platforms

The Painfree Blueprint™

4 phase programs for each region of the body

Posture and Functional Test Guide

Step-by-Step video guidance and instruction

Pain Mindset and Emotional Mastery

Progress, Habits, and Accountability tracking

SOM Community and Support

BONUS 1 on 1 Video Session with Justin

Try no risk for 30 days

See More Incredible Results

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Improve Scoliosis, Balance, Strength

"I am really astonished with so much progress already, I didn't expect to see that so soon"

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Severe Ankle/Knee Pain

"My leg feels completely normal again, like I don't even notice it anymore"



Scoliosis, Back Pain

"Tiana has been taken off the surgery list for spinal fusion at Sick Kids"



Neck and Upper Trap Pain

"My neck released almost instantly"

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Shoulder Pain

"Im a believer bro. My shoulder mobility improved when experts told me it wouldn't, and pain is significantly better"

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Chronic Head and Neck Injuries

"I just went on my first run in over 2 years"



Knee, Hip, Back, Shoulder Pain

"After 5 knee surgeries, it was only during the SOM Online Program where all these pains finally disappeared"



Back Pain

"My back feels so much relief it feels completely new"



Back Pain

"I kept throwing out my back, I could barely walk, and now I can do hard labor for hours without any problem or fear"



Back Pain, Sciatica

"I felt like I had knives digging into my back and I could barely walk, and now I feel completely normal"



Who We Serve

We help people who:​

Want to get out of physical pain 

Are looking for a natural solution

Are looking to fix the ROOT CAUSE rather than just treat the symptoms

Want to heal from a new or old injury

Want to fix their movement related issues (imbalances, postural, mobility, strength..)

Want to be able to fix themselves rather than rely on someone else

We also help people who:

Have tried everything (physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, stretching and mobility work, core training...) with no success.

Are tired of pain preventing them from doing things they love

Feel like their body is fighting against them

Our client's have seen results with...

Back Pain

Herniated Discs

Bulging Discs


Nerve Pain/Damage

Neck Pain

Stiff Neck


Knee Pain


Hip Pain

Groin Pain

Nerve Impingement

Ankle Pain

Carpel Tunnel

Degenerative Disc

Postural Issues

Mobility Issues

Joint Pain

And More...

How It Works


Join the Program

Not your typical "exercise program." This is a results program based on a proven process. Once you join, we assess and identify your posture, movement patterns and your goals. Then set you up with the best road map to success.

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Build Sequences (Get Moving)

"Jimmy ate the burger" VS " The burger ate Jimmy".. Same words, different meaning. Most experts just give exercises - but we know the right exercises, in the right order, makes ALL the difference. Learn and perform our unique daily exercise sequences to restore balance to your body.



Post and engage with SOM coaches and the community for direct feedback and support. We get results together!

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  • What are the Symmetry Of Motion Principles?
    1. Treat the Individual Every person is unique, so we don't put people through cookie cutter processes and solutions. Our program is designed to guide you through what your body individually needs. That being said, it's not as simple as "do what we tell you." Becoming pain free long term requires you to learn how to listen to your own body to guide you through the right movements. So SOM Online is a framework where we can guide you AND teach you to connect with your body's inner wisdom and choose the right exercises that will restore balance to your body. 2. Treat the Root Cause To truly help a person long term, you must be able to tell the difference between treating the symptom and treating the root cause of the symptom. It's possible to do things that make your pain or problem area feel better, while the actual problem remains untreated. We focus on restoring balance to the body as a whole so that the body can heal and thrive on its own like it is designed to do. 3. Treat the System Your body does not work in individual parts. For example, your shoulder muscles don't just affect your shoulders, they affect the muscles, joints, and fascia all the way down to your feet, and vice versa. All parts of the body affect all other parts. Being able to zoom out and address the system instead of trying to fix each part on its own gives us the ability to restore function at deeper levels, bringing you further from pain and closer to your true athletic self.
  • Am I eligible for the SOM Online Program?
    Symmetry of Motion is about uncovering the root cause behind chronic pain and injury. We don't diagnose or treat disease or medical conditions. We look at the design of a healthy functioning human and how it should perform. And we have a process of restoring that design. What we find is that by restoring balance and symmetry to the body - pain, injury, and a number of other issues go away on their own. The body has always had everything it needs to heal and thrive on its own. If you are dealing with pain, injury, or just want to have your body perform in the best way, and want to go after the ROOT CAUSE rather than just treat the symptoms for temporary relief, SOM Online Program is for you.
  • What equipment do I need for the program?
    The basic things you would need for the program you can find in any household. A chair or surface that is between 18" to 20" high (can be a chair, stool, coffee table, couch..) A light but firm object between 4" to 6" ( a yoga block, foam roller, a rolled up large bath towel, rolled up clothes) A strap that has no elasticity to it ( a yoga strap, a belt)
  • What is the time commitment of the SOM Online Program?
    Your daily exercise sequence will take on average 15 -30 minutes, or longer should you choose.
  • How much does the SOM Online Program Cost?
    The program costs $149.99 per month, cancel any time. OR get a discount and opt in to the annual plan which averages out to $125 per month, and get a bonus hour long video session with the founder Justin!
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    If you truly don't see any benefit in the first 30 days, you can cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund.
  • How long till I see results?
    While there's no way to determine exactly how long it will take any person to get to their own goal, you will notice results DAY 1. The moment you do your first movement sequence you will feel the changes being made to your body in regards to restoring balance and symmetry.
  • Can I join for just one month?
    Yes. You can join for one month and then cancel. Even one month of restoring balance to your body is better than none! How long you choose to be in the program is dependent on when you reach your goal, and also how deeply you would like to restore balance and symmetry to your body. Hopefully you feel the benefits of this work and you decide to stay longer so we can restore even deeper levels of functionality so that you don't have to worry about running into problems later in life!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You can cancel whenever you want, at any time. You will still have access to the program for the remainder of the month that you most recently paid for.
  • What's the difference between SOM and a chiropractor?
  • What is the difference between SOM and other posture programs?
  • Do I get personal feedback in the SOM Online Program?
    You can reach out to the SOM Coaches to ask questions as well as upload photos to get feedback on any exercise.
  • Why is your name Symmetry Of Motion?
    The human body by design is symmetrical. Two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs... you get the picture. When both sides of your body function the same way, your body is balanced and works most efficiently. Thus, symmetry is the key to optimal motion. The more symmetrical you are, the better you move!

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